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 We are not your typical ad agency.  We know the car business. We work every day in the car business with the same challenges you see at your dealership. 


There has been a huge shift in dealer marketing, and we want to help you move with the shift.


Give us a call  at 402-440-3017, and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.   No sales pitch. We love finding out about your dealership and how we can help.


We love Facebook. Go to our Facebook Page: //www.facebook.com/dynamicdealer/  and send a message with Messenger. Look for Facebook Messenger to become the way people comminicate in the near future.

How Do Facebook Dynamic Ads Work?

There are 2 ways Facebook dynamic advertising can work.  It can help you find new customers, and  it can assist in re-targeting your current website visitors. Let's look at finding new customers first.

Finding New Customers

Imagine if you could market just to customers who are in the market for a different vehicle. With all of the data that Facebook gathers from customers just on their Facebook page, they can find trends or habits with these customers. But Facebook has gone further with this data and teamed up with all of the largest data providers such as Experian, Oracle, Axiom, Polk Directory and hundreds of other consumer data sources. 

With this information, Facebook is able to find almost any habit or trend with their users. Yes, I know this may make you uncomfortable, but even if you delete your Facebook account and go off the grid, it is probably too late. 

As marketing tools, this is great news for us. We can now place our ads in front of the right market and get much better results with less cost. So lets' take advantage of this data and help you sell some cars.

Using Facebook Customer Behaviors

When we start with finding car buyers, we create a market for your dealership. We can start with your address and circle up to 50 miles surrounding your store.

The pin drop is the most common method to find car buyers, but we can customize to identify your exact market either by zip codes, cities, states or whatever market works best. 

If your store is in a larger population we can shrink this area down to just 1 mile and really dial down to your local market. Every dealer and their market is different so we can be flexible on what works best.


Finding In-Market Buyers


The next step is to use Facebook's Detailed Targeting to find the Automotive In-Market buyers. We can drill down to identify only truck buyers, SUV buyers, or luxury car buyers.  We can further limit our search to include Ford buyers, Honda buyers, etc. 

If we want a certain demographic like home owners, higher income buyers, or credit challenged buyers, we can find and narrow your market to fit exactly your dealership's customer. 

How Many Buyers Are In My Market?


In this example of my Lincoln NE and a 50 mile radius we can find 170,000 in-market used car buyers. 

Every market will have different numbers, but if you want to know what your market is. just fill out "What is my Market" form and we can put together your data. 


It is really interesting to see all of the different markets and what we can do with them.


Know You Know Your Market Potential What's Next


The next step is building your ads. We have discovered in testing many types of ads that buyers want to see your inventory.  In the past this meant that you would have to place inventory ads manually and make sure to change the ads when inventory changes. 

This has all changed thanks to technology.  Now we can create an inventory catalog and update it as your inventory changes, so the customer only sees inventory that is in stock. 

These ads are effective and attract customers. Watch the video and see how the customer can interact and get to your website. This works on desktop, mobile and Instagram. 

It portrays your dealership in a great looking ad and makes it easy for your customer to engage. If the customer is not interested and doesn't click on the ad, you don't pay. 

The best part is this is working 24/7 and constantly bringing customers to your website. As a dealer. this is running constantly for you, and the only thing you need to do is place great pictures on your website. You can track them with your Google or Facebook analytics to check progress. We have found these leads to your site are the lowest cost traffic in today's ad market. It works!



The Second Part Of The System


Retargeting Your Current Website Traffic


When you are shopping on the web, maybe Amazon or eBay, you invariably get interrupted when you are looking at something that interests you, right? The kids need something or your phone rings. and you log off and forget how to get back to what you were viewing.

We know this happens all the time, but here is what is great about this system, We know that customers will check their Facebook several times a day and spend more time there than anywhere else on the web. 

So, if a customer was on your website and eyeing that really cool red Chevy Silverado you just got in, but just as they were going to send in an inquiry about the truck, they were interrupted and had to leave your site.  The next time they login to Facebook, that Red Chevy Silverado from your site will appear in their Facebook newsfeed. This customer will be glad you showed them how to get more information about the truck they really wanted, and will be glad you saved them the time and hassle of searching for it again.




















Why Does This Work So Well


Because this customer is close to making a decision on a vehicle. They have been on all of the 3rd party sites, (AutoTrader. Cars.com, Craigslist etc), and they were on your site. Bringing this customer back is bringing back your best prospect. 


Facebook has identified this customer is 16X ready to move forward with a deal.

So. when a customer sends an inquiry for a web lead, don't underestimate how ready they are to making a decision - especially when they call in. Time's are changing.  In the past, people called in and the phone up was a way to gather more information. Today, the information is on the web, and the customer is calling to move forward. Don't ignore the value of this call.



















Let technology do its job


The best part is that this is all happening while you are working other deals, sleeping, eating, and it's behind the scenes action that can increase your business. The other plus is that we have made it affordable.


What Happens Next


The best way to find out more is to give me a call at 402-440-3017, and we can talk about how we best fit into your marketing plan. I have been in your exact shoes and had to make decisions on where to spend money on marketing. The one thing I learned is 'fish where the fish are'. The fish are on Facebook and they are spending more time there than ever.

The process to get set up takes about a week.  We build the inventory catalog, create the tracking tools on your website, and set up your business account on Facebook. If you have some of these items set up, we can partner with what you have in place, but either way, we try to get you on board as quickly as possible.  

What Makes Us Different Than The Other Companies Doing The Same Thing

When I set up this program I looked at it from the dealer's view. Make it work to sell  more cars, but don't overcharge me. Some of the agencies I have found are charging a certain amount for X amount of leads, - some as high as $2.50 a VDP or more. 

I set it up differently.  We charge a simple $195 per month to run the software and monitor the process. 

You are able to buy your Facebook ads at a wholesale cost. which can save you hundreds of dollars. Most of our dealers are only spending about $.20-.50 cents per VDP compared to 2 dollars plus. The best part is that 'in market' shoppers who are ready to buy are directed to your website. 

Compare this to what you are spending on the 3rd party sites, and it is truly affordable for the amount of traffic that will result. 

So to make it simple, you will want to budget just shy of $500 to bring between 700-1400 qualified car shoppers to your website.  If you want more traffic, we just up your daily budget, but our fee never changes. 

What Type Of Dealer Does This Work For?


Naturally, you would expect us to say this works for any type of dealer, but we first look at your current website. You need to have good images and descriptions of your inventory.

If your current website doesn't do a good job converting a visitor into a customer, it wouldn't make sense to drive more traffic to it. But don't let this stop you. Give us a call. and we can give you some ideas to give you a stronger website. 

This works for both new and used dealers. We can set up campaigns for both new vehicles and your used inventory. We can also set up specialized campaigns if you want to push special lease deals or a group of inventory like trucks or SUV's.

This does work for almost any dealer who wants to sell more cars. So whether you are a credit type store, buy here pay here, or carry higher end inventory. this really works. The stores who are already driving a lot of traffic to their websites with re-targeting are seeing a huge advantage.  


How To Get Started


Fill out the form below to find out how many in-market buyers you have in your market. We will visit with you on how tp best move forward. 

Here's a quick summary
  1. We can find the customers who are looking for a different vehicle and drive them to your website.
  2. The customers who have visited your website we can bring them back to your website.
  3. This is affordable and one of the best ways to drive traffic to your business.